Performance Info

Program Description: Audience members are exposed to the break-dancing/hip-hop culture. Members of Fraggle Rock Crew perform a high energy, break-dancing show, along with a demo of the different aspects of each part of the dance. In addition to this, a description is given of how hip-hop started and why it is a positive force among youth around the world. Audience members are also invited to try some of the more simple aspects of the dance in a  short workshop. Performance length is 20-40 minutes depending on how intense of a workshop is desired. Special guests can include spoken word artist or street artists upon request.

Performance Space Requirements: Smooth floor, 15×15 feet. If stage, stage must be VERY sturdy. 

Furniture or Equipment required: PA System with 1 microphone and iPod hookup. We can bring our own mic and PA system upon request.

Target Audience: Any age youth, families and adults. Great program to take to a school.

Audience/Registration Requirements: No limit for audience size.

Programmer Availability: Flexible, Available for school programs.

Cost per program: please contact us for a quote.

To book a program please use our Contact Page.


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